31 July 2012

La Bella Coppola - Palazzo Margherita


    Fancy a holiday in Italy? (Who doesn't?) Perhaps you would like to stay at a Belle Epoque villa in a relaxed little town, away from the more touristy spots. Sure, you say. Let's go one step further, and make it the Palazzo Magherita, family home and hotel of Mr Francis Ford Coppola. Yes, you read that right. Not only does Mr Coppola direct movies, he also owns several hotels, including this bellisima villa.

    The Palazzo Margherita is located in the town of Bernalda, in southern Italy. The Coppola family loves to spend time there. Sofia Coppola even has her own suite, which she helped to design. The entire hotel was designed by the legendary Jacques Grange, and features a soft pastel palette, summery furnishings, and delicately painted Tunisian-style murals, not to mention gorgeous floor tiles and lovely chandeliers.

    Imagine sipping a Limonata over lunch in the walled courtyard garden, having a swim in the palazzo's pool, then taking a leisurely stroll through the town's rustic streets. Later, you would enjoy dinner back at the hotel, and catch a movie in the grand salon, before wrapping up the evening with a glass of wine at the Family Bar, Sofia's favourite place to enjoy a nightcap. Finally, you will sink into bed in your very comfortable and beautifully-designed suite.

    Sounds like a fabulous getaway to me. Ciao!

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