14 June 2012

purple with envy

The mulberry shelving in this gorgeous library is making me feel a bit envious of whoever gets to hang out in that room. Purple is so bold and yet soothingly warm, at the same time. I'm also loving the abstract artwork, metalic accents, and brown textured wallpaper lining the shelves.

These pictures are definitely going in my Dream House files. (G has banned the use of pink on walls, but we haven't yet discussed the role purple might play in our future home. Hmmm...)

I just love purple, what can I say?


{Notes: images found here; paint colour is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore; room designed by Lindsey Coral Harper}


Style Maniac said...

I am always lusting after bookshelves. And when I was little I would kiss anything purple! So this combo is right up my alley.

Kendall said...

So fabulous! I have this room on my pinterest, too. Love it!