15 March 2016

My Easter Menu 2016

Today I'm sharing my Easter menu with you. We will be hosting lunch on Easter Sunday again this year. I've been planning the menu for a few weeks. I enjoy the planning part as much as I enjoy the cooking, baking, and--of course, the eating parts of entertaining. I just love having family and friends gathered around our table for a good meal, whether it's for a special occasion or no reason at all.

To me, the main event is always dessert. Because I love baking cakes, this is what I started with, for this year's Easter celebration. I will be making a layered raspberry-lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting, and decorating it with a handful of Cadbury mini eggs and a little chocolate bunny. (Note: Originally, I was planning to make a carrot cake, until Glen reminded me how much he hates carrot cake. So, I had to come up with a Plan B. I included the carrot cake recipe, below, anyway, because I know it's a traditional favorite at Easter.)

For the rest of the food, I'm going with a pretty traditional American menu, overall, but the main dish is definitely more of an Australian choice--roast lamb, made in the slow cooker. I've made it a few times for Easter. I guess it has become a family tradition. I'll be doing a few easy make-ahead appetizers and classic sides, including scalloped potatoes (because we definitely need some creamy cheesy goodness on special occasions!) and a couple veggies. I'm also going to bake some funfetti cookies, for Levi's play group's Easter party. If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I might also make some homemade chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs.

In case you're looking for menu ideas, or you're always on the hunt for great recipes, here is what I'm planning to make for Easter this year. 

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