26 September 2015

My Dream Closet

It's always a lot of fun to daydream about your dream house, right? As you know, I've told you all about My Dream House, which remains one of the blog's most popular posts. I also gave you a peek into My Dream Bedroom

On that theme, today I'm showing you My Dream Closet. I've been looking at some absolutely gorgeous homes on Compass (Have you seen this site? It is seriously swoon-worthy! It makes me want to visit NYC again.). It has inspired me to imagine having a beautiful, glamorous closet/ dressing room.

Welcome to closet heaven...
I love the fabulous wallpaper, sitting area, and mirrored vanity in this dressing room.
This beautiful closet, with all those mirrored doors, is so bright and sleek.

To begin, I must tell you, I'm a lover of organization. I like to make sure that everything has its rightful place to be, in my home. My closet is no exception. I have a colour-sorted wardrobe. My mood, each day, seems to be matched by colour, so that's how I organize my shirts. Everything else is fairly well-organized, but, of course, there are always those bits and pieces that don't seem to have a logical spot to go. I would remedy all of those things in My Dream Closet. It would all be super organized... shoes, jewelry, underwear, outerwear, purses, scarves, and so on, would all be beautifully sorted and easy to find.

This is closet heaven! I love how the purses are displayed, like in a boutique.
I love the idea of using bookshelves for shoe organization.
So organized. I like the center storage unit, with glass display for jewelry, etc. in this fab closet.
Fabulous light, and another beautiful center storage unit in this closet.

A gorgeous wallpaper would make the space feel really special. Since I would be having a wallpaper in My Dream Bedroom, the pattern in the closet would need to be complimentary. I like the look of silvery-grey wallpapers with floral or chinoiserie patterns, as well as more all-over decorative patterns. They're just so pretty.

 I'd love to have this wallpaper in the bedroom.
 This wallpaper would be perfect for the closet. The pattern really compliments the bedroom paper, yet is different enough to be interesting on its own.
This closet is so chic. I love the vintage pieces and the portrait. I would hang my beloved Vargas print in My Dream Closet.

I'd love to have a beautiful little chandelier, to add a romantic touch to the space.

A mirrored vanity would be so glamorous. I love Old Hollywood films, and I have always daydreamed about having an old school glam vanity, like this, so that I could feel like I'm Marlene Dietrich or Ginger Rogers.

I think a cozy sitting area would be nice, where I could sit and try on shoes, and just hang out.

Carolyn Quartermaine chairs
I love this elegant grey toile chair.
This chair from anthropologie would be perfect for trying on shoes.

I love beautiful trays, vintage bowls, and other pretty vessels for displaying little treasures. It's lovely to keep a few favourites on display, for outfit inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed seeing My Dream Closet today! It was a lot of fun to put this post together.


La Contessa said...

ALL Lovely...........they ALL have SO MUCH SPACE!I enjoyed looking at the clothes as much as I did looking at the closets!!!I get a kick out of all the handbags.........I think I change my bag ONCE A YEAR!!!

Style Maniac said...

Hi Kim
Nice to see you over at #stylefocus!
You've picked some of my fave closets as well. Really, I'd take any one of these. Some day ...

Heather Lindstrom said...

Hello lovely lady! I am so happy to see that you've joined our lifestyle linkup today. Your dream closet is the perfect #stylefocus. I recognize several of those images pinned to my pinterest boards--so I'm definitely onboard with your dream closet ideas. These are swoon-worthy indeed!!
Beautiful and inspiring post!
Have a fantastic weekend!
xx, Heather

Jennifer said...

Such amazing inspiration! My closet is very small conpared to these! Thanks for sharing this beauty on STYLEfocus!

Kim Grey said...

I'm glad you all have enjoyedmy dream closet post! My own closet is quite small. My partner uses it most. I have an Ikea wardrobe, for added storage. I can only dream of having a huge, beautiful closet! It's fun to daydream, though.

Hayden Farley said...

These are all fine. Thanks for all letting us in on your ideas for a great home. We will certainly be taking notes. More than that, you have displayed here a very righteous way of utilizing technology. Through these blog entries you have set not only a virtual ( and rather thorough ) blueprint of your ideal home, but also a home that is worth emulating, or that is at the very least a template.

Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents

Kim Grey said...

Thank you so much, Hayden! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my Dream House. I do hope that my blog will inspire some beautiful rooms out there in the world. I probably have been a little too thorough, with these posts! :)Editing is hard to do, sometimes. I just love so many things, and want to share them.

Angella Frasier said...

I love that you have such a clear vision for your dream closet. I too would love a walk in dressing room but it remains a dream. We have however recently had some bespoke fitted wardrobes fitted and they’re on the path to the dream. I open the doors and the superbly organised interior always puts a smile on my face. I still want a walk in closet one day though.

Angella Frasier @ 4 Wardrobe