02 July 2015

Serene Master Suite

I'm so drawn to the pale, serene colour palette of this beautiful master bedroom and bath. It looks like the perfect place to relax, after a long day. 

{All images via Lonny}


Heather Lindstrom said...

Hi Kim,
This master suite is simply perfection! Thank you for sharing your link on our #stylefocus this week. This is wonderful inspiration. I actually downloaded your link on the 'add your link' button on my post so your link and the photo are included in the collection. Looks lovely!
xx, Heather

SimpleStyleSpirit said...

Glad I found your blog. Everything is so pretty.

Kim Grey said...

Thank you so much, Heather! I must not have seen the'add your link' button. I'll look for it, next time.

Kim Grey said...

Thank you for visiting, SimpleStyleSpirit!