13 December 2013

Fab Frock Friday | some kind of wonderful



A handful of lovelies, which I hope are making you smile and sigh, as they do for me.

Levi is asleep, so I finally have a few moments to slip into this world of beauty, to share some things with you. Every day, I wish I could find the time to be here. I haven't forgotten about lamb & blonde--far from it! I miss it so. I will slowly find my way back here. For now, the baby's nap times and sleeps will occasionally allow me a chance to visit. 

I'm loving being a mom, of course. I just miss certain things, which I have less time for, like sleeping, baking, and blogging. I've heard it gets easier, and I know that it already has. Levi is 8 weeks old now, and he changes so much every day. It's a beautiful thing to behold. It truly is. Just thought I'd let you all know how I'm going, and let you know that I won't disappear.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.


Maureen Gilbertson said...

Hi, I just LOVE the photos on your blog, so beautiful! They really do make me sigh. Thank you :) Maureen

Roses and Lace said...

Beautiful post Kim. Enjoy every precious moment xo

Kim Grey said...

Thank you! I do try to savor the moment, every day, with Levi. I know he won't be this little for very long. It is such a precious time in life. :)