20 June 2013

Chic Entryways

When you first step inside a home, you want to see something beautiful, right? These chic entryways are full of personality, creating a great first impression for all who enter.

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Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

Isn't it funny how we have our own individual responses to design? The first photo was an immediate YES! for me. Let's see more! Must venture forth! I think I like traditional/neo traditional elements and motifs with punches of bright color. It's probably the safest of the bunch too. I'm not one to color too far outside the lines I suppose. Oh well ... keep the fun coming!

Lavita said...

Kim!! How do you manage bringing in so much beauty on your page here?! I guess, it just goes to tell how lovely you are as a person... :)
Love to you, your loved ones, and that li'l prince growing inside you :):)

Kim Grey said...

Laurie, I often like more traditional entryways, too. In fact, I have a folder of such images, which I'm saving for a later post. They just didn't go with these pics. So, stay tuned for more beautiful entryways!

Lavita, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love the idea of a "li'l prince" growing inside me. It makes me feel like royalty! :)