21 November 2011

Lucite Coffee Table Lust


 family room of Deborah Needleman, former editor in chief of domino magazine



I've got furniture lust. I have decided that the lounge of The Dream House must surely contain a lucite coffee table.

I love the way a lucite coffee table adds a useful item of furniture to a room, yet does not appear to weigh the space down, like a darker or more solid-looking table often seems to do. 

An added bonus: you can still see a rug through a clear table. Think of choosing the perfect rug for your living room, finding the most exquisite colors and pattern, only to have half of the rug hidden by furniture. With a lucite table, that issue is avoided entirely. 


1 comment:

Katherine said...

Lucite tables never go out of style, especially the simple designs that you have highlighted on your post. I love the way they work with almost any decor and make the space look lighter and bright.
You are right.... it is brilliant.