01 March 2016

Spanish Revival

This week, I've been falling in love with the Spanish Revival style popular in California homes. The roots of this look go back to the Spanish missions in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Many homes were built in the Spanish style during the 1920's-1930's, following the Panama-California Exposition in San Diego from 1915-1917. The Spanish and Moorish architectural influence has remained popular in California ever since then.

There is something so glamorous and welcoming about these grand yet cozy homes. I love the white stucco exterior finish, arched windows, terra cotta tile roofs, carved wooden doors, and beautiful courtyard gardens (especially ones full of bright pink bougainvillea!) that are often seen in these homes. 

When I visited California, many moons ago, I thought this housing style seemed so exotic, compared to the Victorian-influenced designs of my native Ohio. Since I've been living in Australia for several years, I'm becoming more attuned to the warm climate and the relaxed lifestyle prevalent here. I think the Spanish Revival style really suits the mood here in South Australia. I'm daydreaming about having a Spanish-influenced home of my own. Dreams are free, as they say!

Hope you enjoy the sunny vibe of these homes as much as I do.

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