26 March 2015

In the Night Garden

For those of you who know what the title refers to... You must have a baby who loves the show as much as my little boy does. My favourite part of this rather strange and endearing show is at the beginning, when stars turn into cherry blossoms, and we find ourselves in a magical garden. Then it gets a bit weird, when bizarre vehicles and oddly-shaped plush creatures show up. But anyway...

This post isn't about strange gardens, it is about beauty. I'm in the mood for dark florals, now that it is autumn and Easter is approaching--and spring, for those of you up North. I still cannot quite wrap my head around Easter being in autumn, but I'm trying to get used to it, year after year of living in Australia. 

Flowers make me happy all year round, that's for sure. These gorgeous floral fashions and images seem so perfect for this moment of seasonal change, with the gorgeous, colourful flowers contrasted by darker tones. What a dramatic look!

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Unknown said...

Hello Kim,
What a gorgeous post of flowery beauty. I recently posted on the 'power of flower' and though mine are bright pops of florals I think we have the same mindset about our love of flowers. I JUST realized that when I moved my blog crush list over to my new page your site got omitted. So Sorry! I've just re-added it as I want to keep in touch with all the loveliness you share.
Happy spring!
xx, Heather

lamb and blonde said...

Thank you so much, Heather! I will have to check out your flower power post. I do love florals!

Style Maniac said...

That black dress is like a work of art. Stunning.