11 July 2014

Fab Frock Friday | Classic Black & White

The classic pairing of black and white is so elegantly illustrated by this beautiful ensemble of a full black skirt and crisp white button-down shirt. Could anything be more simple and beautiful? I think not.

Today, I went clothes shopping with a friend for the first time since having the baby. I found myself gravitating, as I often do, towards denim and basic pieces in classic colours like grey, black, and navy. As much as I adore colour, I find I usually wear the same few conservative shades, especially in winter. In spring, I'm sure I will begin to crave brighter colours and patterns in my wardrobe. For now, favourite classic looks are what I'm into.

What are you into wearing now?

{image via Hallie Daily}

1 comment:

Priscilla Joy said...

I love this look.
For a day time look I use a black wide skirt that is a bit shorter, but this works in a chic way.

Priscilla Joy