16 July 2013

An Everlasting Impression

Combining her love for French, English, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Charleston decorating styles, antiques dealer Jeannette Whitson has designed a new home in Nashville, Tennessee, which somehow seems to feel timelessly beautiful and soulful. 

You may recall that I showed her gorgeous deep blue library in a recent post. I have since had the pleasure of finding images of the rest of the house, featured in House Beautiful. I'm equally enchanted by every room, as well as the lovely outdoor spaces. 

In Whitson's design work for her company Garden Variety Design, she loves to use garden-inspired elements. Naturally, she wanted her own home to seamlessly blend the gardens with the interiors. The house wraps around the terrace, to maximize the garden views, and every entrance into the house requires passing through a garden. 

Another timelessly appealing design element of the home is the use of restoration glass windows, which filter sunlight in a soft, painterly way, reminding Whitson of the Impressionist works her father used to collect.

Subtle colours such as greys and blue-greys, along with aged-looking patinas, garden views, and, of course, antiques, make this home feel very special. No wonder Whitson calls it her family's "forever home". How could anyone possibly want to leave such an elegant, comforting haven?

{all images found here, along with a wonderful interview with Jeannette Whitson}

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