18 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Tiffany blue

(source unknown)
Isn't there something undeniably romantic about a Tiffany box? 

Perhaps this sense of romance is evoked because we understand that a Tiffany box will most likely contain a very precious and very beautiful piece of jewelry... specifically, a ring. A diamond ring. If you are hoping to become a bride-to-be, you may be envisioning this lovely scenario, with a special sort of skipping of your heartbeat.

Have you ever watched the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", starring Audrey Hepburn? If so, you will remember the opening moment of the film: Audrey, in her gorgeous black dress, eating a donut, just after sunrise, while gazing longingly into the window of Tiffany's store in Manhattan. Her down-and-out-yet-carefree character yearns for a kind of magic, the kind of magic which seems to be found only at Tiffany's.

Whatever magic you may be yearning for, the delicious aqua hue known as Tiffany blue may inspire you to dream of love and loveliness. Or maybe it will simply cheer you up for a few moments. 

I hope you will enjoy the Tiffany blue images I've shared with you today. I know they are making me smile.


Inga said...

Beautiful photos and the color is so romantic. I have to see Breakfast at Tiffany´s again.

Style Maniac said...


LC said...

Chiffon dress with the beautiful lace in the middle.... I love it and need to find it. Where is this from?

lamb and blonde said...


After a bit of searching, I found this info for you:


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